How to Pin Affiliate Links on Pinterest

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How to Pin Affiliate Links on Pinterest

Have a passive income with affiliate marketing through Pinterest.  It is the fastest way to drive traffic and earn passive income.  So how do you add affiliate links to your pins?

  1. Ensure that you have signed up to a merchant’s affiliate program such as the link below:

2. After signing up, you’ll be able to see the affiliate commission you will receive, how often, in what manner, minimum pay-out and number of cookie days.

Running rate is between 8-10% affiliate commission, once a month pay-out (40 days after the sale – no returns/refunds made), through PayPal or Payoneer, minimum pay-out of $25/month and 1-7 cookie days.

What are cookie days?  These are your referrals who have visited the website and all purchases they have made within the cookie days are credited to your commission. Let’s say you have a 7-day cookie and your customer purchased $60.  On the 4th day, your customer bought another $40 worth.  In all, for that particular customer, you have $100 sales and with a 10% affiliate commission, you will receive a $10 pay-out.

Super Best Deals Online affiliate program offers a generous package.

10% affiliate commission
30 cookie days
No minimum payouts, paid through PayPal once a month

And if you refer an affiliate, you will receive an extra 40% based of their first two initial payouts.  You will receive the referral link on your Affiliate Dashboard after signing up.

 3. You will receive your custom affiliate link that looks something like this:


If you go to that custom affiliate link, it will direct you to the Super Best Deals Online Website with your affiliate link.  The regular website address looks like this:


 Whereas the website with affiliate link looks like this:


Can you see the difference?  After the website address, there is /afmc=1c

 4. Now for the pins. The easiest way you can pin affiliate link is to change/edit the pin address.

           Click on the pin you want to promote and there is the pencil icon on the top left of the pin to “edit” the pin.  Once you click that, the pin will show up something like this:


Choose the board and section you’d like to pin it to, make sure you have a description there.  The website  is what you need to edit by putting in your affiliate link.  You can get the product’s custom affiliate link by going to your dashboard and click on “Change URL” as seen below:


 After clicking on Change URL, copy the website address on the pin’s website. Paste the pin’s website on the box and it will look something like this:


 Then click SAVE.  It will look like this:


 If you go to that link, it will show up as like this:


Note how the website address has changed at the end.  It is still the same website but this one has your referral link ID.

 5. Use the link on your affiliate dashboard to change the website link on the pin. Then, Save.

That’s it.  You now have a pin that has your own referral link. 

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