3D Visual Bulb LED Table Lamp

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 3D Visual Bulb LED Table Lamp

Type: Night Light
Power Generation: Touch
Wattage: 0-5W
Power Source: DC
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Delivery: 12 - 22 days
Package includes: 1* ABS Lamp Base
                                1* Acrylic Plate
                                1* USB Cable

2D acrylic piece creates an attractive 3D stereoscopic visual pattern and lighting effect that seems vivid with good illumination effect.

The 5mm Laser engraving acrylic delivers magical 3D illumination that is convenient and easy to use

The 3D stereoscopic illumination also shows different colors at a touch on the switch control, with seven colors and one gradient color.

High quality LED light source, low power consumption, long working lifespan, matching with acrylic light guide plate, brings you soft but bright enough illumination effect, no dazzling and high temperature exists, safe to use


Note: both sides of acrylic light guide plates has protective membrane, please remove them before usage


Delivery usually takes up to 2-3 weeks.