LED Strip Lights Kit DC12V 16.4 Ft (5M) with 44 key IR Remote Control

  • $23.95


  • 5 meters length
  • Flexible for curving around bends
  • Ultra bright luminosity
  • Low power consumption
  • 44 key remote control
  • Dimming mode
  • Changeable color

Materials included:

RGB LED strips
remote controller
AC adaptor 


Changing colors: Click DIY 1 and then long press the up or down key (down first as it starts at white) until your desired color appears, then release the button.


  • Please do not increase the strip light. 
  • Do not test the lights while on the spool. This can lead to overheating.
  • The strip is waterproof but the control box and adapter is not.
  • Do not stick the lights to metal or any conductive surface. It may cause a short-circuit on the strip light.

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