Dig RBC8000 Irrigation System Controller Watering Timer

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The RBC8000 Single Station, Battery Operated Timer mounted on a 3/4 in. anti-siphon valve has joined DIG's innovative and rugged line of battery operated timers for use in residential and commercial applications or where AC power is unavailable. Outfitted with the latest and most efficient electronic management technology, the RBC 8000 can operate up to three years on two AA alkaline batteries. The RBC8000 features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and simple, icon-based programming with weekly or cyclical programs. The timer's 3/4 in. heavy duty, professional grade anti siphon valve includes flow control, and external manual bleed for smooth opening and closing. Completely waterproof and able to operate in harsh environments, the RBC8000 is the simple and dependable solution for any irrigation systems.

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