Elfinbook, the smart notebook - reusable wirebound notebook

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Elfinbook -  the smart notebook, reusable wirebound notebook 

Screen Size(diagonal): 10.1"
Tablet Width: 18.5cm
Material: stone paper
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Model Number: Elfinbook
Tablet length: 25.5cm
Brand Name: RGeek
Resolution Ratio: 1016lpi
Pressure Levels: handwriting

What is Elfinbook?
RGeek Elfinbook is a damp-cloth-or-heat-to-erase (hair drier would be perfect) reusable notebook that is made out of stones!
Download Elfinbook APP. Scan with your phones to store anything your write on Elfinbook in PDF.
Blast your notes to cloud services like Evernote, Onedrive, BaiduNetdisk, etc. Whenever. Wherever. Whatever.
Your notes are safe and organized in your device. You may name your notes, manage them to different folders and quickly search them whenever you need.
This is Elfinbook! The way you take notes is about to change.

Elfinbook Instructions (1 Pilot FriXion pen is included in the package)

1. Damp cloth or heat can wipe down the words on Elfinbook written by Pilot FriXion pens. 
2. Damp cloth also can wipe down words written with water-erasable pen or water-erasable color pencil. 
3. Words written with gel pen is difficult to be wiped unless using damp clothhard. Gel pen is NOT recommended! 
1. Because of heating, any single wrong word can be erased by the rubber of Pilot. 
2. To erase the whole–page-notes, please use wet wipes or hair driers. 
3. The whole-book-notes can be erased by wet wipes or by immersing into warm water with a protection cover. 

APP Downloading 
1. For Apple users, please search “Elfinbook” in App Store. 
2. For Android users, please search “Elfinbook” in the Google Play. 
3. After registration, please click the "Premium Account", then click "Exchange" on the top right and input VIP Code to enjoy all the functions for free. You may find the VIP code on our instruction book. 
Notes Scan 
1. Use Elfinbook APP scanning to back up the notes. 
2. The boundary of Elfinbook can be inspected automatically! Any identified error can be corrected manually. 
3. Multiple-scanning effects can be selected after snipping, e.g. Black-and-white scanning and color scanning. 

Storage, Classification & Searching 
1. Save as PDF files in Elfinbook APP. 
2. Picture files can be reordered, removed and shared, etc. 
3. Create different folders to manage the notes. 
4. Quick searching is available by typing file titles. 
Sharing & Cloud Backup 
1. PDF files can be shared through Facebook and WeChat etc. 
2. PDF files can be backed up on cloud Apps, Evernote, Onedrive and BaiduNetdisk etc.


Delivery: 12 - 22 days