ilumi Outdoor Bluetooth Smart LED BR30 Flood Light,2nd Gen - Dimmable Multicolor

  • $46.95

Condition: Open Box

MSRP: $69.99

Watts: 15 W

Lumens: 1,000 lumens/ 75 watt equivalent 

The World's First Outdoor Color LED Smart Light

The ilumi Outdoor LED Flood Smartbulb is the first smart light to achieve an IP64 outdoor rating needed for your outdoor front lights, pool, patio, or other outdoor area. Choose from over 16 million colors or shades of white to deliver sparkling blues, rich greens, and vibrant oranges to any outdoor living space. With energy efficient Hyperlux LED technology, this ilumi bulb uses only 15 watts of power and lasts up to 10 years.

  • Spruce up your curb appeal- add a little drama to your home's exterior with the perfect shade of white or rich, vibrant colors
  • Bring the party outside- sync your ilumi to music & shake your grove thing 'til the break of dawn
  • Celebrate good times- Lighting effects and colors to show your spirit on holidays, gamedays, or just because
  • Light your routine, rain or shine- schedule your Lighting to suit your fancy. On at dusk, off at midnight. Outdoor-rated to withstand thunderstorms, sunshine, snow and your sprinkler system
  • Security Lighting- hey, you're home! or are you have your lights turn on & off randomly while you're away

Light is a powerful thing. It tells us when to wake and when to sleep. It creates atmosphere and mood. It gives focus and function. It entertains and envelops. So why is control of lighting normally limited to on and off brand name internal outdoor flood smart bulbs unlock the natural power of light giving you better lighting for better living. Just screw in an ilumi outdoor smart bulb like a regular bulb, download the free ilumi app and enjoy luxury landscape and security lighting at your fingertips. Transform your patio or pool area into a groovy resort with a colorful array of patterns to create an amazing space around the perimeter of your home. Let your lights pulse to the beat of the music as you and your friends and neighbors dance and prance around the neighborhood bbq. Ensure a safe and secure homestead with elegant yet powerful security lighting for your front porch, or distribute them around your abode for some serious holiday lighting. The new ilumi outdoor flood light carries an IP64 rating specifically for use outdoors so you can keep the party going Rain or shine! the real beauty is the technology inside of every ilumi bulb that makes it easy and practical. The first and best Bluetooth wireless mesh gives ilumi a wide range and Support for 1 to 50 smart bulbs without any bridges, routers, or complicated setup. Ilumi's hyperlux LED technology delivers bright whites and vibrant colors across the rainbow with efficiency and life that lasts up to 20 years. A brain inside every ilumi means your settings, preferences and schedules are saved and work whether you use the ilumi app or your regular switch. The best light bulbs on the planet, ilumi smart bulbs are better lighting for better living.