Minipresso Portable Coffee Maker

  • $49.95

Enjoy authentic espresso at home, in the office or on the go with the Portable Espresso Maker. The Portable Espresso Maker is compact, lightweight and versatile, and is completely hand-operated, so you can enjoy your daily pleasures far from home.

The Portable Espresso Maker takes any kind of coffee bean and makes up to 50ml of espresso!

Portable Espresso Maker - helps you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to traditional machine while on the go. The Portable Espresso Maker is a perfectly portable espresso maker that will make you forget that you’re not drinking your favourite cup of coffee at your local cafe – It really is that delicious!


  • Add your coffee in the right chamber.
  • Add 50ml of near-boiling water to the water chamber and assemble the brewer.
  • Press the pump continuously and golden espresso will flow into the cup below.
  • When the espresso turns light and blond, stop pumping and enjoy your shot.

Brew rich espresso anywhere!


Allow 2-4 weeks delivery