Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

  • $17.95

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball
  • It's the fluffy robotic duster with a mind of its own
  • Roams freely round your house cleaning your floors
  • Shrouded in microfibre fur to attract dust and dirt
  • Also the greatest cat toy in history
  • Changes direction whenever it hits an obstacle
Thanks to a marvel of eccentric Japanese engineering, you can put your feet up and let the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball do all the work. 

It's a fluffy robotic duster with a mind of its own; roaming freely around your home picking up dust and filth, changing direction whenever it hits an obstacle so it doesn't get stuck in tight corners or insist on trying to go upstairs. Just sit back and let it do it's thing – it's got so much personality you'll expect it to hop up on your lap and start purring. 

To stop this playful ball from wasting battery there's an internal timer that pauses it after 15 minutes until disturbed again (a very gentle kick will do). The microfibre coat can be brushed clean and is easily removed by hand or machine washed. 

Did we also mention that it's the greatest cat toy ever made? Now you can come home to sparkly clean floors AND exhausted pets.
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