Perfect Pushup, Pair

  • $24.95

Unique rotating handles. For beginner to advanced users. Engages more muscles. Maximizes strength. Reduces joint strain. Perfect Pushup uses the latest advances in biomechanics and engineering to help you achieve better results in less time. Non-slip base. Comfort grips. Smooth motion steel bearings. Pilates pushup. Knee modification. Chair elevation. Wall pushup. Arm sweeper. Perfect for all fitness levels. Maximize results. Ball bearing rotation system. Rotating handles allow your arms to move naturally. Solid construction. Non-slip base. Comfort grips. Perfect Fitness is committed to creating advanced product solutions that maximize muscle engagement and biomechanical efficiency. Our functional fitness equipment relies on natural movement and back-to-basics fundamentals to enable anyone, even beginners, to unlock their body's potential. Natural Movement Training (NMT): We call our training principle Natural Movement Training, which involves taking fundamental movements from everyday life and adding intensity, rotation and/or core stabilization. This creates more effective, efficient exercises which reduce joint strain and risk of injury. 

  • Unique rotating handles reduce joint strain, allows natural body movement and engages more muscles
  • Solid construction - Steel handles, comfort grips, smooth full rotation and a non-slip base
  • Better workouts - Customized for beginner to advanced levels

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